Let me tell you a little about myself!

My name is Insaf, that’s an Arabic name that means equity, or righteousness. My friends and family insist to give me continuous nicknames such as Sophie, Sofia, Sassa etc.. so obviously I picked the most common one.

I am a thirty two years-old young Tunisian woman, who spent her life twisted between numbers and characters, studied management and economics, while my pencil embraced my papers, so far, writing down what had nothing to do with all the numbers, but everything to do with my own interests.

As I said my passion for writing never faded, although I used to keep my writings and articles for myself until not so long ago when I decided to start sharing it all, or most of it! with the outside world.

You might find what I post interesting as you might not, In both cases I will still be grateful for this opportunity to break the circle, step out of my safe zone, and share my writings with you!

I am a human embracing humanity, advancement, empowerment, and positivity!