Tunisia: Doctors are now able to preserve the fertility of women with cancer

The first of its kind in Tunisia, the medical staff at the Aziza Othmana hospital managed, on Friday, July 14, to freeze an ovarian fragment taken from a young woman who was about to receive chemotherapy.

This medical intervention is aimed at preserving people suffering from cancer, the risks of sterility incurred by chemotherapy, Dr. Mohamed Khrouf, an associate professor at the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, declared on Saturday, within the Aziza Othmana Hospital.

The principle, he observed, is to take a whole fragment of the ovarian tissue to freeze it. Once the chemotherapy is completed, this fragment will be re-implanted into the patient’s uterus, which will then be able to have a child using in vitro fertilization, he added.

The Aziza Othmana hospital has been working since 2014 to launch a program to freeze ovaries and spermatozoa before any chemotherapy treatment, saying that up to 120 oocytes have been frozen.

Dr Khrouf stressed that the Aziza Othmana hospital will continue to use this medical intervention which, according to him, has no side effects on the health of the patient.


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