International Festival of Carthage in its 53rd edition

The appointment will be renewed this year with The International Festival of Carthage in its 53rd edition, which will be faithful to the artistic orientations of its founders and to the tastes of its public, successively perpetuated by several generations who have enriched it with contributions reflecting the spirit of each era in a dynamic constant evolution.

carthage festival

This edition will be a renewed opportunity offered to Tunisian artists, 50% of the evenings, to present their projects in the different artistic expressions.
Thus, the evenings will be spread over three different spaces representing a natural geographical and cultural extension of the International Festival of Carthage. It is the ancient Theater of Carthage, the museum of Carthage and the Acropolium of Carthage. As for the mornings of Carthage, they will take place at the Agora.


The workshops dedicated to young people, children and all the enthusiasts of the arts between cinema, theater and music will be held in the CineVog area.

The opening night is reserved for the Chadi Garfi show “Fen Tounes” (Art of Tunisia). This review of 60 years of Tunisian music will be marked by the participation of young and old and Kacem Kefi, Soulef, Asma Ben Ahmed and Nour Qamar.

The closing ceremony will be dedicated to “Bharati 2 in the palace of illusions“, a magic story from India, through unpublished choreographies and oriental sounds in an explosion of rhythms and colors.

 Edition Program

July 13: 2017: “Fen Tounes” (Art of Tunisia) Chadi Garfi show with the participation of Kacem Kefi, Soulef, Asma Ben Ahmed and Nour Qamar (ancient theater)

July 14: “Al-Medha“, liturgical chants of Kairouan and the Sahel region, produced by Hmida Jarray

July 15: Singer Faia Younan Syria

July 16: “Houriya” by Leila Toubel and Mehdi Trabelsi (Museum of Carthage)

July 17: “Lemdina” (ancient theater)

July 18: Singer Black M France (Ancient Theater)

July 19: Singer Ragheb Alama Lebanon (Ancient Theater)

             “My dream life” by Michel Boujenah France (Museum of Carthage)

July 20: Postmodern jukebox (Acropolium of Carthage)

July 21: “Sakarat” (Ivresses), a singing performance by Dorsaf Hamdani and Aida Nosrat –TunisiaIran – (Acropolium of Carthage)

July 22: “The Queen of the Snows, the adventure continuesFrance (Ancient Theater)

July 23: “Qasida” (Poem), a performance by the Spanish Rosario Flores and the Iranian Mohammad Motamedi (Carthage Museum)

July 24: Agathe Jazz Quartet France

July 25: Mortadha and Taher Guizani

July 26: “Ghanni Lil-Hayat” (singing the life), singing show of Asma Ben Ahmed

July 27: “The Carthage Arena” with Balti, Akrem Mag, Kly BBJ (ancient theater);

July 28: Singer Sherine Abdelwahab Egypt (Ancient Theater)

             “Massarat” – Troupe Ajrass / Adel Bouallegue (Museum of Carthage)

July 29: “Abdelli Show“, show of Lotfi Abdelli (ancient theater)

July 30: Algerian rai concert by Kader El Japoni

July 31: Diwan Ajam: Stambali, Gnaoua and Diwan TunisiaAlgeriaMorocco at the (Museum of Carthage)

August 1: Argentina Tango Argentina  (ancient theater)

August 2: Carmen Souza – Creology Portugal  (Museum of Carthage)

August 3: Singer Zucchero Italy (ancient theater)

                 “Bach on the bac” by Mounir Troudi and Sinda El-Atri (Museum of Carthage)

August 4: Rima Khcheich and Abderrahman Mohamed (ancient theater)

                  Sabry Mosbah (Museum of Carthage)

August 5: Amani Souissi and Aymen Lassik‘s singing concert (ancient theater)

August 6: “Terrorist minus the quarter“, spectacle of the humorist Raouf Ben Yaghlane

August 7: Singer Nassif Zeytoun Syria (Ancient Theater)

August 8: Singer Walid Tounsi (Ancient Theater)

August 9: Singer Nancy Ajram Lebanon (Ancient Theater)

August 10: “Ghanni Lil Hob Wa Assalam” (Sing For Love and Peace), show by Mokdad Shili

August 11: Rapper Booba concert-France (Ancient Theater)

August 12: “Thamla” by Emel Mathlouthi

August 13: Singer Lina ChamamyanSyria 

August 15: Drama – Aicha and the Demon, by Mohamed Moncef Ben Mrad, directed by Mohamed Kouka

August 16: Singer Sofia Sadek (Ancient Theater)

                     Yemandu Costa –Brazil- (Acropolium of Carthage)

August 17: “Fabulous” by Yasmine Azaiez (ancient theater)

August 19: “Bharati 2: in the palace of the illusionsBelgiumIndia.


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