No PayPal for Tunisia

Despite the consolidation message sent by Tunisia a few weeks ago, and despite the positive exchange of views between the Minister of Communication Technologies and Digital Economy, and PayPal over the past few days, the electronic payment company has finally made a shocking, surprising and counterproductive decision , According to the competent site THD, a little while ago, from close sources!

THD reported that the PayPal administration sent a special e-mail to the Ministry of Communication Technologies and the Tunisian Digital Economy on Thursday night ( June 22nd ) informing them, in a “dry” tone, as stated by the website, about the rejection of the Tunisian file without providing a rational explanation for the decision. Surprising and unexpected.

According to the THD website, Minister of Communication and Digital Economy, Mr. Mohamed Anwar Maarouf, has decided thus to contact rivals of PayPal financial institutions, such as Stripe or Skrill. The minister also assured the site that he will support the components of civil society in order for the Tunisian Central Bank to recognize the financial payments that go through the virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, in order to create new alternatives far from the complexities of PayPal, which lasted far more than necessary.


6 thoughts on “No PayPal for Tunisia

  1. Espérons que le gouvernement trouvera une alternative :/ j’en souffre personnellement depuis que mes cartes bancaires étrangère ont expiré :/


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