One more medal, Tunisia!

Congratulation for Tunisia!
In the same year, after Texas, Brazil and Taiwan … silver and bronze medals, a new world-wide achievement of a heavyweight…Tunisia’s flag in the skies of New York!

Silver and Bronze were Tunisia’s share in one of the most prestigious scientific competitions in environmental engineering with the participation of 1253 participants from 73 countries, where our champions represented the Tunisian team with the water consumption control project.

The project realized by Azza al-Khafi and Safaa Haj Hussein, and through which Azza from the ATAST Club, Qasr Hilal, won the bronze medal and third place in the World Olympics in the field of natural resources engineering.
The project of the plant diseases investigation, achievement of Ahmed Aziz Ghadab, Mohammed bin Halima and Shaimaa Zakhma, won the silver medal.

The two projects are organized by the Tunisian Society for the Future of Science and Technology (ATAST) and under the supervision of the specialist in project management Hatem Sulaiman.

128 medals made Tunisia proud of its sons, who amazed and honored their country despite the difficulty of resources, and although the scientific object did not arrive at time to the airport.
The heroes did it and raised the flag!
An achievement that we hope will be valued by the higher authorities.


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