Media, Free My Brain!


As a movies and television series lover, and due to the lack of media production in Tunisia, like everyone else I await the holy month of Ramadan eagerly to follow the new local production, which is limited to this month and broadcasted again and again on replay along the rest of the year, and at times the next decade!
In fact, production, although I said is limited to the occasion, is still not much different from that of the rest of the year, it keeps lacking an intrigue for young people in general, or at least those of my kind!

Dull TV

Channels programs come in two portraits in my opinion: either a depressed old woman whose voice is fainting and quietly awaiting her death, or a clumsy teenager who is not useful to themselves or the community .
I noticed that frivolous programs occupy the top viewers lists along the year, not only here in Tunisia, but the rest of the world as well.

Are people deliberately choosing the audio-visual trivialities over those of a value?

Most of the series represent a morbid image of young people and especially young men, being a harm to the community, delinquent and barbaric, lacking principles and values, tend to criminality and believe in reaching their goals through violence…  Yet society does not object on these examples, on the contrary, the youth begins imitating those characters in the way they dress, walk, talk, and disrespect their entourage.

People claim to be dissatisfied with the programs on social media or in their conversations, but those same people continue to watch those same programs frequently, encouraging the channels owners to continue adopting the same production ideas and orientation. Sometimes they even go further, when in some cases parents show pride in their child imitating a certain X or Y disrespectful aggressive series character.

Is it an intended imbalance?

I do not know if the cultural and scientific production has become boring in this era, I now rarely see someone sponsoring or investing in producing this kind of programs, and when it does happen, it comes in poor quality image, with dull monotonic scripts, and a sleeping music background, not to mention of course the little to non existent advertising, while we are in the midst of the audio-visual rising and advancement

On the other hand, production promoting aggression and terror comes with the latest techniques and effects to attract the viewer, since the society is in constant need of high definition criminal scenes to feed their growing violent unconsciousness.

My brain needs a break!

Since I have a passion for writing, and following the media news at the same time, lately I have been feeling suffocated by the quality of the aired TV programs, I am no longer able to think properly , write, or express my thoughts in an optimal manner, that reflection of the slavish content of the programs occupy some space of my brain for a period, and causes instant damage that takes me, a decent number of books and long reading hours, to fix!


I just wish for some interactive high quality programs, full of life and new technologies, to see the light one day on my screen, to get me enthralled to my seat, and cause me enlightening instead of damage!


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